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Cleopatra VII Thea Philopater


Cleopatra is tall, supple woman of pure Macadonian descent, olive skinned and dark eyed. She walks with a purposeful stride, expecting obstacles (including people) to be removed from her path. Her head is held high, and seldom do her darkly kholed eyes ever lower to the ground. As she walks, her straight dark hair sways in time with the swinging of her arms.

Factually the ruler of Egypt, and theoretically the daughter of Re the sun god, the word proud does little to describe this woman's bearing. Her voluptuous curves and winning smile prompted many sculptors to use her image to represent Isis, the Goddess Earth Mother.


Birth Date: 69 BC
Death Date: Aug 30, 30 BC in Alexandria
Cause of Death: Suicide, asp venom
Languages: Egyptian, Latin
Children: Caesarean, Alexander Helios, Cleopatra Selene, Ptolomy Phoencia
Known Alies: Julius Caesar, Mark Antony
Known Enemies: Herod, Octavius

Cleopatra's main ambition was to gain and maintain power. She and her older brother ascended the throne in 51 as married co-rulers. She quickly became disatisfied with sharing her reign, and the resulting civil war caused havoc for the next two decades not only in Egypt but also in Rome.

It was largely her relationship (that of mistress) with Caesar, that led to his downfall in Rome, and her betrayal of Mark Antony during the battle of Actium resulted in his committing suicide. After failing to woo Octavian as she had the two previous Romans, she commited suicide rather than being displayed as a slave in cities she had once ruled.


Diplomat, quick talker, swimming, reading/writing Latin

Personality Questions

Would your character prefer a game of chess or a game of football?
Cleopatra would rather play a game of chess (and would cheat if possible)
If your character found a wallet in the street, would they return it?
She'd return a lost wallet, only if she thought it would help her image if no one else knew of the find, she'd pocket it.
Would your character be more likely to be the life of the party or to quietly observe the goings-on?
Cleopatra would probably be the center of attention at any social gathering.
Would your character be found on the top of a pyramid of people or on the bottom?
Cleopatra would definately be found at the top of the pyramid, tho she'd prolly be tottering, and would result in everyone falling.
Pretending to be your character, rank the following statements in order of truth. Leave out statements that are false about your character.
a. Other people listen to what I say d. I notice my surroundings b. I am physically above-average e. I love to read c. I am clever with my hands f. I always tell the truth