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Jeanne d'Arc (Jeanne la Pucelle)


A sturdy peasant girl of some 19 or 20 years, with a broad brow and wideset, dark eyes. Short by modern standards.


DOB: 1/6/1412 (apocryphal)
Where: Domremy, France
Died: 5/30/1431, Rouen, France
Cause: burnt at the stake
Education: None
Occupation: martyr/commander of troops
Languages spoken: French
Relationships: Father - Jacques d'Arc (peasant farmer & minor official), Mother - Isabelle, Sts. Michael, Margaret and Catherine, God :)


Jeanne was convinced she heard the voices of three saints in particular, and devoted herself to the fulfillment of their commands. In life, Jeanne was pious and devout, acting in accordance with what she believed was God's Will for her. Within the game context, she will surely question the validity of her faith (I got burnt at the stake and this is all I get to show for it?!). At the GM's discretion, she may still hear these voices, though it is likely she will have a crisis of faith in deciding whether to obey them or not. She will be driven to find that center again, some context for her beliefs.

Life events

She began having religious visions at age 13. These voices convinced her she was to help the dauphin Charles VII drive the English from French soil. She passed the tests Charles set for her (picking him from amongst his courtiers, along with extensive probing by his priests to ensure she was not a heretic), and was granted armor, a banner, and command of troops, as well as a squire, page, herald and confessor. She broke the siege of Orleans in under 10 days, on 4/8/1429. She then led the troops that battled their way through English territory to reclaim Reims, and saw the dauphin crowned King Charles VII on 7/17/1429. Her attempt to regain Paris was less successful, and she was captures at Compiegne.

She was tried on charges of witchcraft and heresy, though not tortured. She maintained that she heard the commands of God, and answered to him, not the Church on Earth, and she was to be handed over to secular authorities to be executed. In fear of death, she abjured her 'crimes and errors' but a few days later she again dressed in men's clothing to protect herself from her jailers. Pronounced a 'relapsed heretic', she was condemned to death, and burned at the stake on 5/30/1431.


Jeanne never killed anyone (she so swore at her trial), but she disdained danger and was usually at the vanguard of an attack or in full view of the enemy when her soldiers stormed the wall of a town or castle. She possessed amazing fortitude of mind and body, and above all a self-confidence inspired by her surety in her divine mission. When captured, she attempted escape by jumping from a tower into a moat. When questioned by inquisitors she was clever enough to avoid at least the most obvious of their traps.


From upbringing on farm: Animal husbandry, knowledge of native flora & fauna, some understanding of crop raising, cooking, sewing, horseback riding. From later life: Command of troops, strategy & tactics (it was said that conducted herself as if an experienced military commander), and basic swordsmanship. Apocryphally: clairvoyance.

Personality Questions

Would your character prefer a game of chess or a game of football?
If your character found a wallet in the street, would they return it?
Yes, would return wallet
Would your character be more likely to be the life of the party or to quietly observe the goings-on?
Quietly observe goings on
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Bottom of pyramid.
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F. I always tell the truth
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