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Matoaka (aka Pochahontas aka Rebecca Rolfe)


Does not strike as beautiful. Red/copper skin colored. Uncut long black hair braided at all time. Dark and narrow eyes. Tall. In good shape even after spending fairly idle nights in England.


Player note: This biography does not reflect the actual life of Pocahontas; I am not sure anyone truly knows what transpired during that time. After conducting a quick research, there seemed to be two main streams: an English version and an Indian version, so to speak, which I will not expose here. Some theories were taken as being facts, as a result, others had to be discarded as myth. Without further delay, here is my PBEM Riverworld version of her life.

Her parents - Pocahontas was the favorite daughter of the Indian Chief Wahunsonacock (a.k.a. Powhatan) of the Powhatan confederacy considered to be a cruel and bloodthirsty people; they conquered neighboring tribes and would exact tribute from them. Her mother was one of the "Lost Colony" who was taken in by Powhatan which explains why Pocahontas adapted to English customs and the language very quickly.

Life at the Village - She lived in a longhouse made of bark and animal skins over wooden frames. Such houses were normally shared by several family, except for the chief’s family. Furniture consisted of bark mats and crude utensils. While the women cultivated fields of maize (Indian corn), beans, and squash, the men were out hunting, fishing, seeing to the safety of the tribe, and making tools, weapons or repairing them Additionally, Powhatans cultivated pumpkins, peas, squash, apples and tobacco to use for medicine and religious ceremonies, worshipping Ketchi_Manito, and, of course, smoking. Every few years, after depleting the local land, the village had to move a few miles away and start over. Like any other child of her tribe, she was trained to observe nature, to endure hardship, and to learn Indian signs and the use of plants. As a woman, she also had to learn to cook, the art of tattooing or staining the body using plant juices, and to make clay pots, garments, weave baskets, and carve wooden plates.

The Peace Keeper - In 1607 the colonists arrived seeking to build their fortune. Shortly after their arrival, Pocahontas, now 10 years old, was seen playing with English boys; she was mesmerizing them with her free spirit and athletic prowess. That same year, John Smith was captured by Powhatan’s brother who wanted to put him to death. In spite of her youth, she suspected that the Englishmen were going to retaliate as they used to; consequently, Pocahontas protected John Smith from her father’s wrath by putting herself between the two men. Saved, John Smith, supported by Pocahontas, discussed a trade agreement with the Indians in exchange for food for the colonists who were currently starving being incapable of sustaining themselves. Smith had to return to England. During his absence, the relations between the settlers and the Indians deteriorated. At the age of 13, while bringing food to the settlers, Pocahontas was abducted by the a few of them in an attempt to maintain the peace with her father. While in captivity, she was taught the English language and the fundamentals of Christianity whence her name, Rebecca. At the age of 14, she married John Rolfe who takes credit for the current tobacco industry in Virginia. Shortly after being married, they went to England where Pocahontas was presented to King James who gave her the title of "Lady Rebecca." At the age of 21, she gave birth to her only child, Thomas. Despite having become the darling of the English court, she never could forget her homeland and longed for it. Feeling like an object, reminding everyone that the English "owned" Virginia and sickened by their ways, she insisted on returning to Virginia. However, she caught smallpox before leaving and died at Gavesend at the age of 21. She was buried there where a statue in her honor is erected.


Riverworld is a new opportunity for her to get her people together without the influence of Britain and their detestable propaganda of which she was an instrument. Essentially, she wants her life to be like it was before the settlers arrived. The tribe, her father, and her peaceful life; of course, that includes a little empire just like the one her father had built in the Chesapeake Bay so they could demand a tribute from neighboring tribes (her definition of peace is rather distorted). Her first steps to achieve this goal are to dress and act the old ways (she does what she can with those towels and tools at hand), and use her tribe name, Matoaka, Pocahontas may get her recognized by unwanted parties. Needless to say, Riverworld is also an extension of Earth life, anything British will have to earn her trust, no easy task, and after being used by them, she won't stop at using them if it's convenient. Also, she wouldn't mind getting her hands on John Rolfe, since after he took a "special interest" in her (political and physical), her life went downhill and farther away from her roots. She also dreads a meeting with her son, Thomas, wondering what he turned up to be. (that should give you enough to torture her) ;)


Languages - Algonquian. Indian signs. 17th cent. English.

Personality Questions

Would your character prefer a game of chess or a game of football?
She would play football, and despise her English side for telling her to play chess.
If your character found a wallet in the street, would they return it?
Yes, very likely.
Would your character be more likely to be the life of the party or to quietly observe the goings-on?
She would observe quietly. Once comfortable, she would join the party.
Would your character be found on the top of a pyramid of people or on the bottom?
She would be towards the top.
Pretending to be your character, rank the following statements in order of truth. Leave out statements that are false about your character.
d. I notice my surroundings c. I am clever with my hands a. Other people listen to what I say b. I am physically above-average