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Thomas Edward Lawrence, a.k.a Thomas Edward Shaw, a.k.a. John Hume Ross, a.k.a Lawrence of Arabia


The best description of him I was able to get is that he is short and boyish looking, with an extremely strong build. At one time on earth he only cut his hair when it got in the way of food.


He was born on the 15th of Aug. in 1888 in Wales. Died on the 19th of May in 1935 from injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident 6 days before.

He graduated with 1st. class honors in modern history from Jesus College at Oxford. His thesis was on the Architecture of of crusader castles. Before WW1 he worked for the British war office. During the war he was a Political and Liason officer with an Arab revolt against the Turks, eventually attaining the rank of Lt. Colonel. It should be noted that he did not lead the Arab revolt, although he was a strong force behind it.

After the war he was the advisor for Arab affairs, resigning in 1922 in disgust with the peace settlement. In 1922 he enlisted in the R.A.F as John Hume Ross, and was later discharged in 1923 when a London News paper revealed what he was doing. Later in 1923 he enlisted in the Royal Tank Core as T.E. Shaw, soon transferring to the R.A.F. until March of 1935 when he left military service. When riding his motercycle in May of the same year he swerved to avoide 2 bicyclers, and crashed, dying of injuries 6 days later.


He was able to speak fluent English, French, Latin, Greek (modern and classical ) as well as Arabic (which he spoke with a noticable accent). He most likely knew a few phrases in Turkish, German and other major European languages, although there was no evedence of his being anywhere close to fluent in them.

He was described as having a puckish sense of humor, an indifference to money and a lack of real world ambition. He was described as a intellectual genius, as well as contemptuous for those intellectually less gifted than he. He was rude to those whom he disliked, but devoted to his friends. There is no evidence of his ever forming a romantic or sexual relationship of any kind. There is evidence of his recognising his faults and attempting to compensate for them by associating with those he deemed less gifted, and of a lower social status than him self. He was both aggressive and outrageous in his behavior (ex. traditional Arabic dress in the middle of London). Although he disliked fame and recognition he would continue to seek then out.


He was extremely well versed in history and archeology. He was called a master of guerilla warfare as well as being skilled in modern warfare. He would be a good hand to hand combatant as well as with guns. He was a good rider, swimmer, and general athlete. He was a skilled mechanic (he helped design a sea going aircraft) and a writer. He would also be well versed in the Arabic way of life and culture.

Personality Questions

Would your character prefer a game of chess or a game of football?
He would prefer football ( although he would also do well at chess).
If your character found a wallet in the street, would they return it?
He would return a found wallet.
Would your character be more likely to be the life of the party or to quietly observe the goings-on?
No answer.
Would your character be found on the top of a pyramid of people or on the bottom?
He would be at the top of the pyramid, but would try to get back to the bottom.
Pretending to be your character, rank the following statements in order of truth. Leave out statements that are false about your character.
b. I am physically above-average
e. I love to read
a. Other people listen to what I say
f. I always tell the truth
d. I notice my surroundings.