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Theodore Roosevelt

That's Tjar, pronounced 'Tee-arr', phonetic for T.R.


He is 5'10", with brown hair. Depending on how long he's been awakened, he will have a thick brown mustache. He grits his teeth while smiling. He has an unusually high-pitched voice. He is in fine physical shape... though sickly as a youth, by the age of 25 he was a vigorous athlete, boxer and outdoorsman.


Roosevelt was born in 1858 in New York, and died in 1919 in Long Island of natural causes. He was from an old New York family. He studied law at Columbia, and had a long and varied political career: "elected to New York legislature at 23, reputation as outspoken reformer, defeated candidate for mayor of New York... appointed to New York civil service commission, New York Police Commissioner, Assistant Secretary of the Navy." He resigned that job during the Spanish American war to head the rough riders. After the war, he was elected Governor of New York. Then in 1900, Boss Platt wanted to get rid of this reformer governor, so arranged for him to be kicked up to the Vice Presidency under McKinley. When McKinley was assassinated, he became president. He was reelected to a second term, but failed to be reelected again later in his own "Bull Moose" Party.

In the book The Alienist, Roosevelt allowed some unorthodox detectives to use new methods to catch a serial killer. If possible, I'd like to RP that the events of that book happened, to add flavor. It's also a good book to read if you are interested in New York of that era (1896 when he was police commissioner).


Outdoorsman. Soldier. Boxer. Lawyer. Politician.

Personality Questions

Would your character prefer a game of chess or a game of football?
Well, he threatened to ban football because so many people were dying playing it, but he'd still do it over chess I think because he's too hyperactive.
If your character found a wallet in the street, would they return it?
He'd absolutely return it.
Would your character be more likely to be the life of the party or to quietly observe the goings-on?
Life of the party. Never shuts up.
Would your character be found on the top of a pyramid of people or on the bottom?
At the top.
Pretending to be your character, rank the following statements in order of truth. Leave out statements that are false about your character.
f. I always tell the truth
a. Other people listen to what I say
e. I love to read
d. I notice my surroundings
b. I am physically above-average
c. I am clever with my hands