Languages in the Riverworld PBEM

The goals:


  1. Language in moves should be indicated by the following:
    "This is in English"
    "This is in Japanese. It also illustrates that you don't have
    to put a closing quote mark on the same line as the starting one."
    "This is also in Japanese. All speech is, unless you change again."
    That is, the language you plan to speak should be put in <>'s on a line of its own, ideally the line before the speech. Below you can read about exactly what can go in <>'s
  2. Players send their moves to the move mailing list. Mail to that address is currently being filtered through a nifty script which does the following:
    1. Sends the GM a pristine copy of the email
    2. Sends each player a copy of the email in which they can understand only languages they know. Others languages are marked by name. That's about as realistic as I want to bother with - partial garbling, unknown language names, etc., are just too much work right now. :)
    3. Sends the GM an omnilingual copy of the email - as if he were a player who knew all langauges.
  3. On the WWW page, I will post the omnilingual copy, so if you want to read the whole story, you can, and we'll trust ya. :)
  4. When I send out a Turn, I will be using another script to do a similar thing. Each of you will receive a Turn customized for your language knowledge, and an omnilingual Turn will be Webified. I hope to also Webified the customized Turns, so the story can be read from each character's perspective.

Formatting details

As noted above, you control how you're speaking in your moves by indicating it with <>'s on a line by itself. Here are all your options for ways of speaking: