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“As soon as you have made a thought, laugh at it.”
- Lao Tzu

If time permits, this may become a blog. In the meanwhile, feel free to leave any comments here.

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  1. Hi, stumbled across your review of Nudge on Amazon, which lead me to this page. Read your “Commitments” section. Thanks for the inspiration :-)

  2. alansz Mar 29th 2009

    Thanks, Bjørn!

  3. Stan Selinger May 4th 2009

    After our group work on the UIC Global Campus course, I returned to the bios. I especially liked the quote of Eddington on knowing ‘one and one.’ It reminds me of the Gestalt principal that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Your apreciation of Robbins point of pushing things to the realm of magic is very impressive to me also. I have taken up magic as a hobby. What has proven so facinating is not that I can do magic that blurs the boundaries of credability, but how people react to it. How it reminds them to appreciate the mystery, or sometimes how frustrated they become as they discover that there is knowledge outside of their ken..
    I know this may sound ridiculous but there is an older Alan Schwartz (originally from NY) who is a lawyer in the Southern California area who is a family relative. Are you any relation to him?

  4. alansz May 4th 2009

    Heya, Stan. No relation, I’m afraid.

  5. sharms Jul 13th 2009

    Hey Alan this is Steve (from RICIS). Long time no talk, just stumbled on your blog, saying hi. Very cool layout, I like it

  6. alansz Jul 13th 2009

    Hi, Steve. Glad you like it. Cheers.

  7. Vasanti Jirge Oct 13th 2010

    Hello Alan, I like your blog, its beautifully designed and inspiring too.

  8. Thanks very much! I can’t take credit for the overall design, but I did pick out the photos. :)

  9. KRISHNA Mar 22nd 2011

    Dear Sir,

    The blog is simply superb and its so attractive.

  10. alansz Mar 22nd 2011

    Thanks very much, Krishna. Hope you’re doing well.

  11. Robert Aug 17th 2011

    Hey there! I am a fan not only of your academic work, but also of your DuneMUSH! What a coincidence!

  12. alansz Aug 19th 2011

    Thanks, Robert! Great to hear from you.

  13. Gonzalo Aug 24th 2011

    Hi Prof. Schwarz, I was wondering if there’s a newer version available of the Master Metaphor List here:

    which “represents perhaps 20 percent (a very rough estimate) of the material we have that needs to be compiled”. Thanks,

  14. alansz Aug 24th 2011

    Dear Gonzalo,

    I’m not aware of a newer version; George Lakoff at Berkeley may have one. A more recent, and potentially relevant project, might also be FrameNet:

    Best, Alan

  15. Gonzalo Aug 25th 2011

    Thank you very much Prof. Schwartz!! I have found your work in the metaphor list truly fascinating, (although it’s not my own field).

  16. Corrie Dillashaw Sep 28th 2012

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